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A Message from the President

The Hill Tucker Bar Association (HTBA) is one of the oldest historically African-American bar associations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Yet, our membership is racially, ethnically, religiously and politically diverse.  It consists of legal practitioners, judges, law professors, in-house counsel, politicians and law school students of all experience levels and representing various practice areas and legal interests as well as the public and private sectors.  Our love for the rule of law, dedication to community service and desire for collegiality unite us. 

Service to the community and the bar are cornerstone principals of HTBA’s organizational philosophy.  Over the years, the HTBA has implemented many programs to execute on those principles.   We are very proud of the service we have provided both the profession and the community.   We know we have much more to do but we are poised to do it.   We are in a period of growth and innovation.  Our leadership is reinvigorated and our members are energized, excited and mobilized.  The HTBA will do great things this year and I am honored to be a part of it!

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Rita Davis, Esq.

Rita Davis, Esq.